Scare Asylum maze

Top Secret Asylum hosting the worlds most prolific and murderous criminals.

The Asylum has been testing an antidote on its inmates to see if their twisted and evil minds can be altered. However, it did not do what was intended, the antidote enhanced the psychopathic tendencies of the inmates turning them into zombies. Most of which have escaped their bonds and murdered the staff.

The antidote is located on the first floor and you have to retrieve it before it spreads to the public and beyond, save the world!

Dead Ahead Zombie Apocalypse

Well done you have recovered the antidote but you have to finish off the rest of the escaped zombie inmates before they spread the infection! Prepare your defences & pick your weapons before the zombie inmates attack. In each wave the zombie inmates become faster, can you take the pressure? Do you have what it takes to end the apocalypse?

At The Grave Diggers End we like our beer colder than the icy grip of the undead! The place to meet and settle your nerves!